Thermal Strips

Designed and engineered with carbon nanotube technology, the Thermal Strip delivers industry-leading heat quality, ultimate product and installation flexibility, and industry-changing power ratings.

How it works

When energized, the nanotubes act as a resistive heating element, increasing temperature as the energy applied increases. CleanTek’s Thermal Strips leverage a Nanotube Thermal Coating with a patented high-performance film to take heating to the next level.


Our Thermal strips are manufactured and supplied in rolls or configurable kits based on product application to accommodate a wide range of installation configurations and product applications.


The design of the Thermal Strip is based on radiant transfer of infrared heat directly into surfaces. It is a more effective warming and heating method than forced air or indirect convection because no energy is lost through ducts. Instead, it converts nearly 100% of electrical energy to thermal energy



Of energy consumption globally is used for heat generation.


Of US greenhouse gas emissions come from residential heating and cooling products.


Of US greenhouse gas emissions come from residential water heating products.

Nanotube Thermal Coating

The nano-tube coating used in our product provides consistent heat within various substrates and surfaces. The urethane-based product is lightweight, highly durable, and corrosion-resistant. The electro-thermal nanotubes are microscopic fibers of carbon that have been uniquely activated for highly efficient thermal performance.

Radiant Heating

Our radiant heat is over 30 percent more efficient and cost-effective than forced-air heating solutions, providing an even, continuous level of warmth. Our thermal strip interior applications are quieter and eliminate allergy concerns with forced air systems ducts. Our exterior applications provide reliability of performance in high-temperature applications to ensure sidewalks, patios, and driveways are dry and safe in even the coldest climates.   

High-Performance Waterproofing

We partnered with industry leaders in construction air and water sealing products to integrate our coating into a high-performance waterproof film with an industry-leading weather seal product that can easily withstand the elements.

Nanotube Thermal Coating

Held in suspension within a Nanotube Thermal Coating are millions of electro-thermal activated nanotubes. Electro-thermal nanotubes are microscopic fibers of carbon designed with three fundamental characteristics:


The activated carbon nanotubes' distinctive thermoelectric power factor properties allow for superior electrical conductivity providing increased equal resistive heat generation with minimal power consumption across a wide variety of substrates, making the possibilities of industry application endless.


Carbon nanotubes are biocompatible. They are non-toxic, non-reactive, and do not elicit an immune response. The activated carbon nano-tubes resistive electrical properties create a secondary static dissipation, which reduces the risk of dangerous electrostatic discharges. Our added high-temperature substrate and weatherproofing materials create an increased layer of safety and comfort in our various product applications.


Carbon Nanotubes have the highest tensile strength to weight known to man because they are flexible and lightweight. The nanostructure of the thermal coating is durable and corrosion-resistant, providing exceptional heat performance and incredible endurance in both exterior and interior applications.

Green heat solutions that turn up the heat on global heat industries and redefine energy consumption.


We are disrupting traditional heating technologies with the widespread mass-market applications of the Thermal Strip. Regardless of complexity or scale, the advanced electro-thermal heating technology in the Thermal Strip can turn up the heat across a magnitude of surfaces and conditions. 

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