We are exploring thermal coating applications that provide solutions to the current heat and energy challenges of the world.


The Thermal Strip is the ideal solution for all exterior applications in both residential and commercial properties. Incredibly versatile, the strips can be adjusted to fit the exact coverage area to accommodate any configuration, virtually eliminating the need for professional snow removal teams or salt to deice surfaces during winter. 

16 °F

Most Common Applications


For new or existing driveways. Our snow and ice removal system is designed for optimal cost control, convenience, and peace of mind.


Applied over existing concrete and covered with industry-proven overlay technology providing families, car enthusiasts, and mechanics a dry and warm space to enjoy their time.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Your patio patrons can have a seat with equal ambient warmth and comfort while reducing retailer operating costs and extending the outdoor seating season.

Commercial or Retail Sidewalks

Hassle-free ice and snow removal provides peace of mind for your customers' safety, reducing current snow removal costs and lowering insurance premiums.

Parking Lots

Integrated ice and snow melting solutions for new construction projects requiring no harsh salt applications or heavy equipment snow removal throughout the winter.



We work alongside industry leaders in home efficiency building products to integrate our technology for in-home flooring, supplemental air duct, and foundation heating solutions. Our superior system cost, reduced energy to heat ratios, and application flexibility will offer new solutions for builders to meet energy mandates and customers to reduce their energy bills and the current power requirements on constrained utility grids.



We are innovating towards a disruptive water heating element that leverages the nanotube thermal coating to generate required consumer water temperatures with 50% less power draw than traditional high BTU heating rods. We are working to integrate our designs with multiple manufacturers of existing water tanks. The environmental and cost of living impact associated with our heating elements being in every new home water heater fuels our focus on bringing our CleanTek Thermal heating elements to market.    

Future Innovations



Lightweight, highly durable, and extremely efficient heating elements will be integrated into mirrors, seats, engine blocks, and battery systems.


Energy Markets

Solar panel snow mitigation, cold climate pipelines, and refinery boilers.

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Consumer/ Retail Products

Pool & hot tub heaters, outdoor adventure gear, stadium seating, and cooking appliances.

truck medical


Heated compression, emergency blankets, lab testing equipment, and incubation equipment.

industry windows


Heated factory floor, plastic molding, curing equipment, thermal finishing, cannabis production.



Streets, drain covers, bridges, and highways.